I've curated a series of tools that will help you create balanced, total-body workouts in just 4 steps. If you are looking for specific exercises to do, you will find them here. If you are looking for help with goal-setting and planning, you will find that too.

By the time you finish reviewing the resources on this page I want you to feel like you have been armed with the information necessary to hit the gym, park, or even your living room, with a vision of what you want to accomplish and the specific movements that will get you there.


Step 1: The Fitness Mindset

Before you even begin with physical movement it's important to understand the mentality behind successful, long-term training. I've found that most people don't appreciate this part of the training equation and their workouts suffer because of it. Whether you are an exercise newbie or veteran it's important to understand that training is an active physical and mental process, one that requires consistent, proactive learning, resilience, and an ability to endure discomfort. 

The Fitness Mindset


STEP 2: Game-Planning

Now that you have been primed with the right mindset to undertake a training program you've got to formulate a plan. The more informed and specific you can be with your goal-setting and assessing the more likely you are to reach your target. Whether you are training to lose weight, improve strength, increase energy, minimize injuries, or prepare for tennis season you will be much more likely to succeed with a well-constructed plan.



Step 3: Essential Movement Principles

So, you've developed a plan and are excited to get moving. But, before you do, it would be really helpful to understand a few key ideas about how movement works. We can thank Sir Isaac Newton for many of these gems and no information more greatly influenced my training than learning his laws of movement. This may seem a bit geeky but, fear not. I've gone to great lengths to make sure you aren't stuck on the science but are awed, like I am, by the beauty of the movement that exists around, and within, you.

Nibbling on Newton


Step 4: Workout Guidelines

You have now been armed with a solid foundation of mental and physical principles. The last piece is to learn the specific guidelines to build your workout. This is the fun part when you become the architect of your fitness future. You can certainly follow my instructions down to the letter but I also encourage you to get creative. You'll be more likely to stick to a long-term program if you are having fun. Enjoy!

Workout Guidelines

Yesterday my husband and I climbed the Great Wall of China and hiked for hours in terraced rice paddies. With each step we kept saying ‘We couldn’t have done this without Carolyn.’ I am 65 and my husband is 72 and the training we have done with her has had real life pay off for us.
— Judy, 65