As a personal trainer in a commercial gym, I spent years honing my skills with clients who sought to lose fat, run marathons, recover from cancer treatments, and build strength and confidence to live life more fully. While watching my clients improve their physical skills rewarded me immeasurably, I couldn’t help but feel a bit frustrated. Here’s why:


My high-end luxury gym charged a hefty sum and I didn’t feel it was fair to those who wanted my guidance but who couldn’t afford it.

Learning exercise essentials should be your right regardless of your ability to afford a personal trainer


In New York City, people are busy. Many of my professional clients or full-time moms would race into the gym, sometimes have to take phone calls during a workout, or duck out early to head to a meeting.   I know that life can be hectic and

You should be able to fit exercise into your lifestyle, not the other way around 


Sometimes, clients limited their training sessions to once a week because I wasn’t located more conveniently to their offices.

You should be able to take your training experience with you, no matter where or when you can fit it in


Some clients would hire me because they felt fearful or intimidated when walking into the gym: either they didn’t know what to do or how to perform exercises properly and were scared of injuring themselves. Once I showed them sound technique and a simple programming approach they felt much more empowered.

If you have the right tools and experience then you should feel confident when you walk into the gym


Often times, clients would ask me about the latest fitness fad or exercise advice they saw in a magazine and I’d have to do a lot of myth-busting.

You deserve evidence-based exercise information so that you can make smarter choices


A final mission of mine was to get clients more independent so that they could put together a workout in a pinch if they got stuck in a late meeting or were out of town for some length of time.

With the right tools and guidance you should be able to work out on your own

take control of your fitness future