Movement Transformation

You might be someone who needs to experience professional training before becoming your own coach. I created this program specifically for you. I show you the ropes before handing you the reigns.

Movement Transformation is a one-on-one, web-based training program that I customize based on many factors, including your assessment results, lifestyle habits, goals, and medical concerns.

As a Movement Transformation client, you will receive:

  • Access to a web-based training platform, where I upload your fitness program, track your progress, and share personalized materials that you can use at your convenience 
  • Email support throughout the duration of the program
  • Pro Form Checks: you send me a video of a movement and I respond with detailed feedback 

30-Day Program:

30-Day Custom Program, Weekly Email Check-Ins, 2 Pro Form Checks

60-Day Program:

60-Day Custom Program, Weekly Email Check-Ins, 5 Pro Form Checks, 1 Video Conference

90-Day Program:

90-Day Custom Program, Weekly Email Check-Ins, 10 Pro Form Checks, 2 Video Conferences, Movement GPS and Movement Mapping courses.