Frequently Asked Questions



If you are an exercise newbie, have never done any formal training, have an injury, or like to move but haven't been taught how to squat, lunge, press or perform essential movement patterns then I would suggest starting with Movement GPS. I designed this program specifically for you. Learn the foundation of safe and efficient movement so that you can always move with confidence, regardless of where you go on your exercise journey. Once you've taken time to absorb the ideas and put them into practice then I would suggest the Movement Mapping course. You will take the movement essentials you learned and put them into practice by creating your own programs.

If you have had formal training, were an athlete in high school or college, or feel comfortable around heavy metal objects, then I suggest heading straight to Movement Mapping. You've probably built a good foundation already but could use guidance about how to channel your movements into cohesive, goal-based programming. Maximize your gym time or home-based training with personalizable mapping strategies.

If you are someone who works best experiencing new skills, and have learned the principles in Movement GPS and Movement Mapping, then Movement Transformation is your best bet. One-on-one, personalized and responsive coaching will help you understand the training process better than any of my other programs and will set you up to succeed with your own long-term plan.


How doES Movement Transformation differ from other online training programs?

Many personal trainers now offer online programs but they typically consist of a generic template that you do on your own. That's it. They do not include assessments, a hallmark of creating a personalized program based on your specific goals, medical conditions or injuries, learning preferences, and lifestyle. Nor do they include continuing email support or educational materials so that you can learn, practice, and master the moves with a trusted fitness pro as your guide. 

My Movement Transformation program provides you with an individualized assessment, program, resources, and ongoing coaching so that you can stay fit and ready to enjoy spontaneous adventures or your favorite activities.


How does distance coaching work?

Once you become a Movement Transformation client you will receive a detailed assessment by email, which you will fill out and send back to me, as well as educational materials to get you oriented to the training process. Once I've created a program for you based on your assessment results you will receive a second email prompting you to sign in to your exclusive and confidential online profile. Your program will be waiting for you and you can begin at any time.

Whether you've purchased a 30, 60, or 90-day program, you will be able to email me with questions that may arise during the process as well as send me videos of your movements, to which I will provide video feedback. If your program needs tweaking, based on your feedback, then I will be happy to adjust it so that it more effectively meets your objectives.


When can I expect to see/feel results?

Regardless of the hype you see floating around, your physiology takes more than a few days to change. Typically, you will begin to feel a difference within the first 2 weeks and you will start to see changes after 3-4 weeks. Old habits take time to change, as do bodies that haven't been exposed to this type of training.


What's the difference between the Movement GPS and Movement Mapping courses?

Movement GPS is designed to be the movement ed class you didn't have in school. We all have movement habits but how do you know that yours are the most effective and safe for your body? Orient yourself to how your body is put together, how your parts work synergistically, and how to perform fundamental movement patterns. You will take this body of knowledge to the gym, park, or even stay at home and kick your own butt with balanced, safe workouts.

Movement Mapping is a course built off of Movement GPS principles to teach you how to plan and execute your fitness program. Learn how to choose the right exercises, weights, and intensities to achieve your fitness goal. In addition, you'll learn progressions and regressions to help customize your movement experience.


Why don't you offer a monthly membership?

The fundamental purpose behind the work I do is to provide you with the tools you'll need to travel along your own fitness path. My services will arm you with the knowledge you need to create safe, effective, and boredom-free workouts for life. Operating a membership site keeps the onus on me to generate your fitness plans and will not allow you to take complete control over your fitness future.

However, that doesn't mean that we don't continue a relationship once you've gone through my programs. Even pro trainers like me need periodic fine-tuning with form and fresh workout strategies. And our bodies and lifestyles change over time so you'll likely need guidance to match your evolving situation. I invite you to periodically participate in the Movement Transformation program so that I can be your trusted fitness resource.