The Little Book for Big Bellies

The impetus to write this book came from my own frustrations as a postpartum woman desperately searching for quality information to help my body recover from the stresses of labor.

I sifted for months through mountains of misinformation that could have steered me in the wrong direction if it weren't for my training background and Master's degree in the movement sciences.

This book is my offering to those of you searching for evidence-based information to help you experience a more enjoyable pregnancy, a smoother delivery, and a quicker recovery.



Research-Backed Recommendations

Myths abound and it's important that you learn the truth--exercising during pregnancy not only benefits you but also enhances the current and future health status of your baby. Gone are the days of idling on the couch for nine months. Exertion is the new name of the game and I will show you how to move safely and effectively with minimal risk to the baby. 



Not only will you learn about the physiological changes that happen in your body during each trimester (and in the postpartum period) but you will be guided through workouts that are appropriate for each phase of your journey. Whether an exercise veteran or a woman new to the party, you will be shown a cohesive pre-natal and postpartum plan that will address your specific needs.

Birth Day.JPG

Unfiltered Birth Experience

We do not live in a culture that shares and celebrates the birth experience. Instead, we rely on dramatized movies to inform us of one of the most important experiences of our lives. In Big Bellies I have recounted my journey so that you get a true sense of what to expect before, during, and after the big day. The more you know the better prepared you'll be when it's time to meet your bundle of joy.

The book contains so much wisdom and is clearly so thoroughly researched and well-practiced.
— Karin, mother of 1


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The Little Book for Big Bellies

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