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My mission is to provide you with the tools you need to live free.

Free from aimless workouts, costly training fees, and transient fads.

Free to go on adventures, live with more energy, and pursue your passions.

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I've enjoyed years spent teaching clients how their bodies work, how to use them more efficiently, and how liberating a fit life can be. 

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Upcoming Events

NSCA Personal Trainer's Conference
Anaheim, CA
October 27-29th
"A Performance-based Approach to Pre- and Post-Natal Training"

ACSM Greater New York Chapter's Annual Conference
New York, NY
November 11th
Topic TBD

Not only did I gain strength and lessen the pain from my injury, I learned efficiency from Carolyn—how to make more progress with fewer moves, fewer sessions, and less equipment. I wholeheartedly recommend her as a highly knowledgeable, adaptable trainer who will provide a serious challenge.
— Karin, 35